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Seeding your lawn in the fall offers its own set of advantages for your lawn care.

There are many reasons to seed your lawn in the fall to benefit your lawn care now, and in the future.

Fall season soil temperatures are still warm enough to allow for germination, but the daytime highs aren’t as severe as in the summer. This decreases the risk of the seed germinating and then getting burned up by the intense summer heat.

There are more opportunities for moisture in the fall, as fall rains are more common than summer rains. Also, these rainfalls usually aren’t as heavy, which means less of a chance for soil erosion or your grass seed washing away in a summer downpour.

The sun is a key ingredient in getting your grass seed to germinate. Sunlight is still plentiful in the fall, but it’s less direct and harsh than in the summertime.

Seeding your lawn in the fall allows for extra development time. You can establish the seed growth in the fall, and then pick up right where you left off in the spring, giving your lawn two great growing seasons before the summer heat kicks up. It also allows PRO-TURF Services to be able to apply the important pre-emergent step in your spring lawn care without worrying about damaging new seedlings.

Steadier rainfall and milder temperatures in the fall mean less lawn care work for you in nurturing the new grass seed as it germinates. The later season also means less competition from weeds compared to the spring or summer.

Whether you choose to seed your lawn in the spring or the fall, our team of professionals at PRO-TURF Services are here to offer guidance and recommend the best variety of grass seed to get the lawn you’ve always wanted. Get started with PRO-TURF Services lawn care today:

Advantages of Fall Seeding:

  • Soil temperatures – still warm but not severe
  • Moisture – fall rains more common
  • Sunlight – avoid severe summer sunlight
  • Extra development time – two growing seasons before summer
  • Easier to manage – less time-consuming or worrisome