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Many people think that all a lawn needs to succeed is fertilizer and weed control. While that is a very big part of a healthy yard, another key ingredient is a good partnership between the homeowner and the lawn care company.

PRO-TURF Services supplies the best fertilizer and weed control products, well-maintained application equipment, and experienced professionals. However, even when we apply the perfect amounts of the highest quality materials, your yard will not be attractive and healthy if it is not mowed properly, starved of water, or has excessive wear and tear.

We count on you, the homeowner, to be part of our team. As part of your PRO-TURF Services 5-Step Plan, we advise you on proper lawn maintenance techniques, share tips and tricks, and give you information to ensure your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

We take care of many yards that could go on the cover of a magazine, but that doesn’t happen without a great relationship and partnership with the people who use that yard every day. It doesn’t matter if you have a 3-acre yard in Indianola or a 3,000 square-foot yard in Des Moines, by working together, our 5-Step Plan delivers proven results year after year.

We are excited to get started on a new season and to be part of your yard’s winning team!

Let's Get Started

PRO-TURF Services 5-Step Plan

  1. Early Spring
    Fertilizer with pre-emergent weed control
  2. Late Spring
    Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control
  3. Summer
    Weed control broadleaf and grassy
  4. Early Fall
    Fertilizer and broadleaf control
  5. Late Fall
    Winterizing fertilizer

To further enhance your 5-Step Plan results, add aeration in the Spring or Fall and grub control in July.